Welcome to BackLit

BackLit Beta Test

BackLit is a back-translator for English Braille American Edition (EBAE) and Computer Braille Code (CBC). BackLit will have a number of new features in comparison with other back-translators:

  1. Always free to all users
  2. Released version will be Open Source
  3. Aims for 100% accuracy via very fast incorporation of user corrections. (Note that with web applications, users don't have to download patches but always have access to the latest version.)
  4. Includes an option to view braille as DotlessBraille so you can quickly review exactly what was in the original file. Remember that proofing braille requires checking both the braille and a back-translation since a back-translation will appear correct even when the braille has spelled-out parts of words or spelled-out whole words instead of the correct contractions.
  5. Grade-relaxing
  6. Summary of contraction useage
  7. Independent check of forward translation by other software
  8. Sighted parents and mainstream teachers will benefit from the DotlessBraille cell-by-cell translation so they can see exactly what their children and students have written even if they haven't yet learned to read braille dots visually

To participate in the BackLit Beta Test, go to the BackLit Launch Page.

Contact: easjolly AT ix DOT netcom DOT com